Top 3 Russian Date apps for hooking up the sexiest girls

Single Russian Women

Russian dating platforms of a new kind

It’s hard to find a woman in Russia who would never use international dating apps. It wasn’t always like that, and just a decade ago international dating considered rather exotic.

It was possible for a girl to say to a western admirer that she doesn’t have a smartphone or the Internet at home, moreover, in many cases, it was true.

Right now not only technologies but also people’s minds have changed a lot. Wi-fi is everywhere including city parks and small cafes, and it became typical to take a bank credit to buy iPhone.

Russian women finally became fond of travelling, and do not consider relocating risky anymore. Many of them choose to have a freelance job and travel freely.

This tendency is better seen in Ukraine, but Russian mail order brides got more serious since old times as well. Now what about hookups with Russian girls, is that possible via apps?

Luckily, they became much more open-minded regarding casual sex as well. Not all Russian women are traditional nowadays, plus many of them got disappointed in local lovers.

A Russian woman is actually a miracle of sensuality, they are described as the most desired and easily excited females in all Eastern Europe. While men are sexually cold and alcohol addicted.

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It makes less smart Russian girls search for a company of Turkish and Azerbaijan men who do not treat them right, but at least provide some qualitative intimacy. Smarter girls look for westerners.

Since the demand grew so high, many Russian hookup were launched lately, and all of them are very popular. Even busy, financially independent ladies search for a runaway adventure on them.

Our audience’s purposes can be really different, so we composed the list of the most effective Russian date apps suitable both for hook-ups and long-term relationships.

No. 3 Russian date app. Teamo

It is noticed that a majority of Russian women got tired of Tinder recently considering it too superficial and consumerist. Many claim it’s impossible to detect a man’s intentions on it.

So many of them switched to Teamo which repeats Tinder in lots of ways yet offers more personalized communication including compatibility tests and a diplomatic Maybe option.

No. 2 Russian date app. RussianCupid

RussianCupid has really replaced AnastasiaDate for many single Russian women as it isn’t obligatory connected with dating agencies and all strict responsibilities related to them.

It recommended itself as a qualitative product in the dating market and earned enough trust to become number two dating app in Russia. Girls in its database normally speak English and show commitment.

No. 1 Russian date app. Brilic

Like we mentioned before, Russian hookup apps appeared only recently when women have opened their minds towards self-expressing in sex and casual flings with foreigners.

Brilic is one of such apps, but it also provides all conditions for setting up serious-minded meetings. It’s really trendy and very well advertised among Russian beauties.

Since it offers dating blog in Russian and English, various tests and ice-breakers, and a big database of financially secure men from many countries worldwide, Brilic became number one for them.

Russian hookup apps


Russian hookup girls categories and their advantages

So, there are certain nuances for hooking up Russian girls. It’s still not one hundred percent acceptable for them, so one has to search for certain categories of girls only.

·      Tired mommies. Although some men try to avoid women with kids after a negative experience with western moms obsessed with their children, it’s a mistake. Russian women balance their time spent with kids and the need in a private life, pretty well. Moreover, they’re often exhausted by their duties and want some romantic rest. By statistics, exactly tired mommies mostly seek to hookup with men from abroad. They normally do not expect any financial reward or a child support in return.

·      Sugar babies. Many young girls in Russia and Ukraine want some help on the beginning of their career, or aren’t career-oriented at all. But they do care about their model appearance and realize it can be sponsored only by foreigners who earn better than locals. Usually they prefer to find a long-term sugar daddy, but also agree for mutually profitable hook-ups as well.

·      Mature women. It seemed impossible in 1995 or 2000 when international dating only started to gain momentum in former USSR, but today exactly mature women are the most interested in casual affairs with westerners. The majority of them missed a chance to get married to a foreigner when they were young, and want at least some intimate attention now. There are women of different social statuses among them, from modest workers to well-groomed businesswomen and gorgeous cougars.

As you can see, picking a right girl for hookups in Russia depends on your personal tastes and purposes of search. Age isn’t always an important criterion since 30+ women also welcome the idea.

The most low-budget option is meeting a business lady in Moscow who doesn’t have time for anything other than one-night-stands, and definitely doesn’t need any gifts of monetary support.

Meeting a cute single mommy in Russia has its advantages too, since they are much less demanding than those in the US and buying a little water gun for their toddler is usually enough.

Now prepare for a surprise, those MILFs and cougars over 30 or even 40 aren’t any less beautiful than young Bimbos. They just gain some confidence and sexual experience with age.

Well, if we didn’t convince you and you prefer very young girls, just go for that. It’s true those are mostly Instagram Bimbos who want free dinners and weekend trips or shopping in return.

It doesn’t mean a Russian or Ukrainian girls cannot just desire a western man sexually without any materialistic interest. But in this case, they want continuous relationships.


Top signs that a girl is suitable for hookups

The clearest sign is when she indicates in her profile she’s seeking hookups or casual affairs. It’s frank enough but the next step is detecting whether she also wants some profit.

The younger a girl is, the higher her expectations are. Basically saying, a very young model-looking Russian girl for hookups is an escort girl for one evening or for a longer period.

But there are exceptions such as girls who grew up in orphanages or families with a low income, and work at very unappreciated jobs now yet being strikingly attractive.

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They do not expect much from a man just a little reward, and it’s more pleasant to help them than to waste the money on spoiled daddy girls who don’t eat normal food only sushi and lobsters.

So if you want to save some funds during your sexual adventures in Russia, be attentive while reading girls’ profiles. If they list seafood and exotic dishes as their favourite food, beware.

The photos also tell a lot. Of course, a girl from a poor family can also get a glamorous photoshoot with rented clothes for free, from a beginner photographer or from the dating agency.

But they can never fake the expression of her face. No matter how expensive she looks, her eyes will be tired and sad if her daily life is nothing but a devastating routine.

We do not force you to hookup with Cinderellas only, we just share other western men’s experience and watch over the overall cost of your trip to Russia.

Now, here is the hint how to differ a professional escort girl who promotes herself with the help of dating app, from a genuine Russian woman who just wants some sex.

The first type will be trying to ask you the most detailed questions about your preferences in a bed, to catch your interest online and to satisfy you professionally later on.

The second type tends to be telling about themselves, their experience, preferences, sensitive zones, intimate fantasies, even insecurities in a bed because they want physical satisfaction too.

Again, fancy businesswomen are your best variant for such a frank and mutually pleasant intimate communication. They know perfectly what they need and they’ll care about you as well.