Russian women vs Czech women: who’s hotter?

Single Russian Women

Types of beauty and other physical factors

Russian single girls seem to be available all over the Internet, while Czech dating sites are quite rare. But who is hotter, sexier, and more worthy of your efforts?

The comparison is very simple, Czech women are like Russian women who have been placed in better economical and environmental positions. They are more relaxed, and more chic.

But it just means you can create the same conditions for a Russian girl by taking her abroad and giving her new chances in life. This relaxed attitude appears after good experiences.

At the same time, one cannot deny that Czech girls in general look more refined. Their faces are oval not chubby, their noses are thin, and ninety nice percent of them look like models.

Add their enormous cuteness: many of Czech women have dimples on their cheeks! It makes their smiles so warm, and Russian girls seem a bit restrained in comparison with them.

And the most killing argument is that majority of Prague girls are blonde. Very true and natural blondes with long wavy hair! We already see how much it excited you.

Czech and Russian beauty

Dating experts admit though that a dozen of Czech girls would look similarly pretty and sexy yet you wouldn’t differ them from each other, while Russian beauty is often unique.

If you Google famous Russian actresses and singers you’ll see how original and memorable their looks are, each one has her own charm and it’s hard to mix her with anyone else.

So comparing Czech and Russian beauty actually depends on your preferences and purposes of search. If you want a very unique wife with special traits and personality, choose a Russian one.

But if you just want a model-looking girlfriend to make other men envious, someone for hot sex and light talks, a Czech woman will suit you better. Both nationalities are super cool!


Conquering a Czech and Russian girl: which is easier?

There is a phenomenon about Czech girls character, they are extremely friendly and cheerful but mostly with friends or random pedestrians, not with male pretenders.

It’s because they went so famous latest years and Prague attracts millions of tourists all year round, most of which are fascinated by Czech girls beauty and literally chase them.

So these hotties, firstly, know their worth, and secondly, don’t want to be bothered much in their daily life. Special practices and strategies are needed for breaking through those barriers.

Let’s not forget that Prague girls have as many freedoms as they want, including well-paid jobs and a great assortment of the most stylish clothes. They look for one million dollars!

Basically, they don’t need to be sugar babies or even housewives to make a man pay their bills and get them nice outfits. They are completely self-sufficient.

Czech girls

Therefore, here comes another comparison that won’t make you happy: although so sweet, welcoming, and feminine, Czech women in fact have as high demands as American females.

For impressing them, a man should have what to offer and there’s nearly no chance for unconditional love or spontaneous hook-ups with a stranger. While Russian women have no problem with both!

Czech girls got used to fine restaurants and they have their favourite ones so they’ll expect you to take them there or to offer something better. Russian women aren’t too picky.

They just enjoy going out especially after a boring working day. Their life is more monotonous and restricted so even your arrival is already afestive event for Russian girls.

Although the title Moscow sounds loud and proud, not all women there have the opportunity to live well. Quite the opposite, it’s hard to survive there and stabilize one’s expenses.

This instability makes single Moscow women much more determined and interested than Prague girls. Plus, last ones reportedly prefer relocating to other European countries, not to the West.

There are always exceptions and Czech girls would surely be interested in Brad Pitt or Jeff Bezos, obviously for different reasons. While Russian women can make a happy couple with a simple driver.  


How it feels to live with Czech or Russian

Although all Slavic women are considered extremely classical and conservative, Czech girls are absolutely freedom-loving even within marriage. One has to consider that.

They do not report where they go, what they do during a day, whom they meet, and they’ll always prefer new perspectives in their career over common plans with their husband.

Of course, a wild reconciliation in a bed every evening is guaranteed, as well as your envious friends’ glances, but is it worthy of your constant worries and instability at home? It’s up to you!

Russian women are very stable and it’s a well-known fact. They rarely ask for divorce from their miserable local husbands, not talking about reliable and well-provided foreigners.

Czech wife

There is always some rumour about gold diggers who ask for divorce after getting a Green card, or about mentally imbalanced women who remain sad and angry, but it’s not actual anymore.

These negative examples took place years ago when Russian women still didn’t adapt to a non-Soviet reality and could not understand the advantages of having a good husband overseas.

Right now the situation changed a lot and living in Russia became more stressful, without the pink glasses. So women sincerely try to meet a decent man from the west and behave well.

Back to the point, if you ever desire to have a family with kids, Czech women aren’t very dedicated mothers. They count on nannies, grannies, and their husbands.

Again, they need this freedom for continuing their career or endless education, for enjoying Czech beer with friends, for travelling, exercising, keeping fit. All of that is awesome yet irresponsible.

Russian women are great mothers. Some of them fail due to their own unhappy upbringing or alcohol problems, but you certainly avoid such personalities choosing a gorgeous mail order bride online.

No matter how modern their Instagram photos get, they are still classical mothers who take a good care of all processes in a child’s life, and combine that with lots of other duties.

A Russian wife tends to discuss, a Czech wife tends to disappear and do her thing. Both want sex frequently enough, but if a Czech women has an important day at work, she’ll ignore you.

Not all men can be happy in such conditions, and why to go so far away to find a mate if she behaves like a western woman anyway? Experienced daters keep on choosing Russian girls.


How to attract online a Russian woman and a Czech woman?

No matter what experts say, curious single men want to try all options by themselves. Why not, after all, if both Czech and Russian girls are so irresistible and available on apps?

Well, your virtual daygame with Czech and Russian women might be easier than in real life. Both nationalities love attention a lot and literally depend on compliments.

There is a Russian saying, women love with ears and men love with eyes. Both Prague and Moscow girls definitely love with ears. But at least type them something nice and you’ll get a chance.

Russian single girls

It would be fair to admit that Czech women get naughty quicker and easier yet they respect themselves a lot and remain very self-confident. It takes some time for Russian women to flirt that freely.

It’s not a secret that Russian women expect something from you starting from the very first words. At least, a promise that you’ll take them to a nice trip or to your country for good.

They also expect gifts, postcards, courtship, support, anything romantic and practical because they are so underestimated by their local men and their society.

Czech girls are flirting simply because they enjoy that. They relax after work this way, they express their femininity this way, and they strengthen their belief in themselves this way.

So balance your energy and think twice what exactly you want from your online communication: a temporary satisfaction, a break from work, or a real meeting settlement.

In this last case, better chat with Russian girls because there’s less competition in their environment and they will be waiting for your visit with great impatience.